What Do We Do in the Winter?

One of the main questions we get asked all year long is what do you do during the winter time. How do you stay busy?

Well let’s dive in and talk about what we do. When winter starts hinting that its on its way with cooler temperatures and less growth in the lawn, shorter days and less demand we gear up to do Christmas Lights, snow removal, and most importantly we go through and do major maintenance on all of our equipment.

The thing about winter for Thom’s Lawn Care is it’s a necessary evil. We enjoy the opportunity to slow down and recharge our personal batteries as well as our equipment. But we are still eager to help the public and do business.

Starting with Christmas lights, we have a handful of regular yearly customers that we work with and we are interested in having new people pop up here and there to help them but overall we keep it small and simple so far. Christmas lights can be a ton of fun and creativity and we have talked a lot about getting better prepared to sell it every season and do our part to help light things up. But lights can also be a pain, if they don’t work, or we have to order and wait for stuff.

This is what keeps the cost of Christmas lighting up, but after the first year of buying the actual lights you can have working Christmas lights for years to come at an affordable rate. By having us do it you avoid the risk, inconvenience and stress of putting them up yourself. We can offer consultations all year long to be more prepared to light during the festive season. There are also options to light your house for Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.

The main thing we do in the winter is maintenance on our machines. We tear down, clean out and put all the engines back together on all our mowers making sure they stay in tip top condition. We also clean them up so that we can sell them to purchase new machines. We often sell slightly used mowers for $8000-$12,000 depending on the machine and how much it’s been used. We also clean up our trucks and trailers making sure anything damaged is corrected and to keep everything in working order.

A big thing we do during the winter months is residential and commercial snow removal. We enjoy being able to keep your businesses and homes running smoothly without the concern of doing it yourself. It can be a stressful season simply because snow is a difficult thing to plan for since unlike lawn there are no guarantees of how often it will snow or how much.

Lastly we spend the winter evaluating our upcoming season, how to market, how to ensure our current customers are being taken care of, how to get new customers, determine what services are the best to offer and which we might be better off not dealing with. We pride ourselves in being full service but we thrive in some areas more than others. So we research ways to be better overall.

We want to provide the best service for each of our customers it fuels our desire to continue to do this business from year to year. We feel confident that once we have gained your trust and confidence you have more desire to involve us all year round instead of for certain services. Our goals are to build our current customer base to be more full service and hopefully more valuable to each of you.