Fertilizer/Weed Control

LET’S BE HONEST, putting down fertilizer isn’t too complicate, or is it… What
kind, how much, when to apply… oh, and what about weeds… the grubs and other
insect issues. Not to mention you have a full day of soccer and other activities
this weekend.

Thom’s Lawn Care has been beautifying Cache Valley’s landscapes for over 15 years. We
have a 5-Step Fertilizer-Weed Control process that will help you have a beautiful lawn.

Our process is treating your lawn as our own. We are going to care for and evaluate your
lawn as if it literally was our own. We are not simply going to stop by through some
fertilizer out and leave. We are going to walk and evaluate your property, check for any
insect damage, assess how our previous treatments are doing and ensure that your lawn is in
the best health and condition possible. If it isn’t we will work with you to bring it to its
proper health.

Cache Valley can be a harsh climate to live in and it creates a lot of factors that can make a
lawn challenging to keep green. But we feel that with the proper treatments, watering and lawn
pest control we can ensure that you can take our Green Grass Guarantee.


Early Spring: Granular fertilizer with a product mixed in to control new weed seeds from
germinating, also a weed spray to cover entire turf area to wipe out any existing weeds.

Late Spring: Granular Fertilizer treatment to create the growth you want, but also thicken up
the turf. Weed Spray as needed.

Summer: Granular Fertilizer treatment to help your lawn through the heat of summer. Weed Spray as

Early Fall: Granular Fertilizer to keep your grass healthy and green. Weed Spray as needed.

Late Fall: Granular Fertilizer that will feed your lawn this fall and ensure it to green up next
Spring. The most important fertilizer treatment of the year.

Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Spray: We apply a spray 3 feet from your foundation and three feet up
from foundation. We spray entryways, around windows, dormers, etc. to kill any existing and
preventing insects from entering your home. Other areas that we can service are playgrounds,
swing sets, pet kennels (safe for pets once dried), and other structures as needed.

Grubs: Signs you have grubs are your lawn is yellowing, it has no roots, a lot of time
the sod actually folds right up. Grubs are under the grass eating the roots breaking it down and
they spread if left untouched.

Treatment: We have two types of treatment for grubs. First is preventative which is laid
down Mid-Spring usually mixed with round two of the fertilizer treatments. This prevents them from
starting in the first place. This is a treatment we suggest if you’ve had a history of Grubs, you know
your neighbors have had them, or you just want to be proactive at preventing them. The second treatment
is existing this is a slightly higher cost but can be controlled and prevented at lower costs in years
to come. If you find that you have grubs and you have the signs we spoke of earlier we can come and
evaluate your infestation and treat your lawn with a treatment that will eradicate them within two weeks.

Sod Web-Worms: Signs of webby’s are yellowing grass, signs of webs in your grass but no spiders,
and the biggest sign is you will see coddling moths flying around the top of the grass. Webby’s feed on the
top of the grass, your roots will still be intact but you will see larvae and moths. These also can spread
if not treated properly.

Treatment: Essentially is the same as grubs, there are two different types but they are different
treatments but the method of the same as grubs.

Other Pests: We do not currently offer any service for other vermin that can infest your lawn. We can
assist in diagnosis and we work with several other pest control companies throughout the valley and would love to
help point you in the right direction.

Round Up Treatments: For areas that have excessive unwanted weeds we can do round up treatments
that will eliminate the weeds. We do not guarantee that weeds won’t come back or that you will not need to
re-treat throughout the year. But we can treat fence lines, play grounds, cracks in parking lots, sidewalks,
tree rings, and other areas that are are to reach for the trimmer sometimes its easier to eliminate the
grass/weed to make things look nice and weed free.

Are you interested in our fertilizer/weed control or pest control services? Click here to contact us!