Sprinkler Work

Sprinkler work is our fastest growing division. There are many things that we can do to help make your sprinkler system work properly.

Sprinkler Set-up and Adjustment: This consists of us turning on the water in the spring and going through all the stations to make sure your heads are working properly, setting up the timer to a reasonable watering schedule so you can just switch it to run when the rain stops and the temperatures rise, and also make any minor adjustments that are needed. If repairs are needed we will contact you with prices and options then you can make a decision of what would be your best option to get your system working properly.

Sprinkler Winterization: We hook up a large compressor to the system and blow through all the stations separately to ensure no water is left in lines that could be frozen.

Sprinkler Repair: This covers all aspects of your system. From the stop and waste valve to each head on any zone we can help keep things up and going. Below we have included a list of some of the most common problems we deal with but not limited to just the list.

  • Sprinkler breaks: freeze breaks, areas where things have come unglued or leaking
  • Electrical issues: Timers, valves, wiring, pump
  • Stop and waste valves leaking (deep valve)
  • Backflow preventer problems
  • Additions to a zone or removal of certain sprinklers
  • Moving heads or adjusting coverage with different nozzles and fittings
  • Replacing broken/malfunctioning heads
  • Converting certain heads to drip for less water usage
  • Converting heads to mp rotators to help with low pressure areas

Watering Suggestions:

90 Degree Weather & Above:
Rotor Stations: 45-60 Minutes + 4 Days/Week
Spray Stations: 15-20 Minutes + 4 Days/Week

Less Than 90 Degree Weather:
Rotor Stations: 30-45 Min 3 Days/Week
Spray Stations: 10-15 Min 3 Days/Week

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